Below are the various music projects I have worked on. Some 100% me (LABELS), others I have mixed and mastered. Take a listen below.


Labels is my personal project. It is a way to express myself. How a person feels changes day to day and that shows in my music. While my chops have not improved much, it has helped me develop my skills mixing and mastering. Labels is Marc LaBelle (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming) feat. Chris Schmidt (Lead Guitar) and Jeremy Wignall (Vocals).

The Occultation Project

The Occultation Project was formed by guitarist, Christopher Schmidt, and drummer/producer, Marc LaBelle. The group began writing, and recording songs in mid 2013 without concern for what genre they would fit into. The lineup was made complete with the addition of bassist Rob Bliven and vocalist Jacob Fry.

Mister Robot

Mister_Robot is made up of ragtag of D rated engineers and physicists transforming nerd thoughts into Bars. EDM and Trap fall in love and have several offspring that create a beat that bumps, beeps, bops and can't stop won't stop. Mister_Robot features Josue Kure (Vocals), James Aquino (Vocals), and Marc LaBelle (Vocals & Production).