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Mixing and mastering are the two base components of professional record producing. At Existence Undefined, I'm offering studio quality mixing and mastering at prices anyone can afford. Having your music mixed and mastered is an important step needed to stand out from the crowd. It doesn't matter if you recorded at home or in a studio, or whether you're a rock or rap artist, I can bring new life your recordings. I'm obsessed with the fine details and will focus on what can make you stand out to create a balanced but powerful song.

I've been recording, mixing, and mastering for over 9 years. I have experience with Studio One and Logic Pro, but Studio One has been my weapon of choice lately. I have a variety of tools to help if you need them: Auto-Tune, EZDrummer, Drum Samples, Orchestral Samples, etc.




I have mixing and mastering packages that can work for you! Whether you need standard mixing and mastering at a set price, something more involved, or even something quick, dirty, and cheap, I can make it work. Just send me an email and we can get started!


  • Loudness Maximization
  • EQ and Compression
  • Audio Processing
  • Metadata Encoding

  • Audio Processing
  • Spacial EQ Carving
  • Leveling & Compression
  • Polishing Effects
Mix & Master

  • Complete Mix
  • Complete Master
  • Discounted Rate
  • Maximized Sound

  • Detailed Attention
  • Custom Midi Drums
  • Midi Orchestration
  • Re-amping & More

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